3- My Obsession

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Gracie couldn’t catch her breath. That always seemed to happen whenever she shared the same airspace as Roman. He didn’t even need to squeeze those fingers around her neck for the oxygen to stop flowing. It was as if she breathed something else when she was with him. Something liquid and hot that made her feel like she would float to the ceiling if he didn’t tether her to the ground.

The climax he’d given her ebbed away like the tide, leaving her restless for more. She waited for him to move, to pound away at her with the driving force of a man possessed, but he held himself completely still. She squirmed and clenched her muscles hard on his dick to spur him into action. Nothing. Just…nothing. Why wasn’t he moving?

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1- Disturbia

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Coming from behind, large hands slid down Gracie Lee’s body, the pressure of them on her naked skin telling her they belonged to a man.

Not that she cared. In the dark, hands were all the same. As were fingers, and lips, and teeth, and tongues. The only thing that differed was what they had between their legs. Pussies, cunts, vaginas, dicks, cocks, penises…Gracie loved them all. Loved using her mouth and hands on them. Loved rubbing against them. Taking them inside of her. Loved putting her fingers inside them. Continue reading 1- Disturbia