Gracie needs sex almost as much as she needs discipline. And there’s only one man who can tame her…or is there?

Alice and four guys
Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?

Gold Dusted is an erotic thriller in which sex slave Gracie catches the attentions of a serial killer while in search of a new Master. The web serial is part of the Benediction series, but it is not necessary to read the previous books (if you want to learn more about Gracie, Roman, and Adrian, they do appear in them). The twice weekly installments of Gold Dusted will not be edited before I post them since I’m writing them only hours before they go live. Gold Dusted is a multi-media experience using music, photos, videos, and more to enhance your reading pleasure.

Suffering (well, it depends on your definition of suffer) from a traumatic brain injury after a car accident, Gracie Lee was left a nymphomaniac. In medical terms, she suffers from hypersexuality and impulse control impairment due to lesions on the frontal basal portion of her brain. In Freudian terms, her Super-Ego can’t control her Id. And in romance book terms, her life would definitely get shelved as erotica since she has dirty sex with lots of people (sometimes all at once) with no happily-ever-after in sight.

 After her parents discovered her screwing the entire high school football team (including the coach), they sent her to Master Cole, who trained her in the art of Domination and submission and helped her learn to control her urges. But now that he’s married, Gracie needs a new Master, one with a firm hand. Will it be Master Adrian, one of her best friends and the man Master Cole has chosen for her, or Master Roman, the man who already holds her heart?

For Gracie, it’s not a question of which one she should choose…but why can’t she have them both?

Gracie’s erotic and suspenseful journey will be posted here at every Tuesday and Thursday by five p.m. EST. I have no set plans as to how long it will be or if it will ever be available as a book on Amazon. It all depends on YOU!