4- Sound of Silence

“You wanted to see me, Master Cole?” Adrian Durand asked as he opened the door of his employer’s office.

For several years, Adrian had faithfully served as Cole’s bodyguard and right hand man at Benediction. There had never been anything sexual between them, but Adrian had submitted to him as a full-time slave all the same. Now that Cole had married Danielle and had a child, he no longer dominated anyone but his wife, leaving Adrian without a permanent Master. Once or twice a week, he submitted to a lovely Domme who beat and humiliated him to climax, but that’s as far as it went.

He couldn’t remember the last time he’d fucked a woman. A year ago, maybe?

Not since the night he’d fallen in love.

For Gracie, that night had meant little to nothing. But for Adrian, it had meant everything.

They’d served Master Cole for years as nothing but friends. Best friends.

And full-time slaves.

But the night they’d both submitted to Mistress Casey had changed his feelings for Gracie from one as friend to lover. The second his lips had pressed against hers, he’d been a goner. Kissing Gracie had been like wrapping his mouth in sugar coated silk. He’d thought he’d died and gone to heaven. Let’s face it. Working as a slave at a sex club had given him plenty of practice in both kissing and fucking. Contrary to what society seemed to think, Dommes and Dominatrixes were in high supply in the BDSM community. Adrian never had to look far to find a woman to dominate him. He enjoyed them all. Tall, short, fat, skinny, blonde, brunette. Looks didn’t matter. Only that they had a spine of steel and bruising hands.

Which was why falling in love with the submissive Gracie had knocked him for a loop. The five-foot nothing Mistress Casey had sat back in a chair with a video camera and directed them as if they were stars in her own private porno movie. Touch him here. Lick her there. Over the course of an hour, as he became acquainted with the taste of Gracie’s cunt and the feel of it gripping his dick, one thing became extremely clear to Adrian: submitting by Gracie’s side wasn’t enough for him any longer. He hungered for her surrender.

It hadn’t been the first time he’d experienced the need to dominate, but it had been the strongest.  The next morning, he’d quietly gone to Cole and had asked to be trained as a Dominant. Thankfully, his close friend hadn’t questioned him as to why after ten years he’d suddenly felt the need to be on the other side of the whip. Instead, he’d given him the chance to learn bondage from Logan Bradford, impact toys from Jaxon Deveroux, and then had assigned him to oversee the slave training program—along with Gracie.

Cole waved him inside the room. “Please sit down. I have a proposition for you.”

A proposition? Tingles ran down his neck at the ominous tone of Cole’s voice.

He carefully planted himself in the chair across the desk from Cole. It still felt weird to sit rather than kneel in his presence. “What can I help you with, sir? Is it Danielle? Is something wrong?” he asked.

“No, no. Everything is fine.” Frowning, Cole ran his hand over his bald head. “You’re aware that Rowan, Hunter, and Oz have bought Sawyer’s club in Las Vegas. They’ve asked for my help. None of them have any experience running a nightclub, much less a sex club. In exchange for my guidance, they’ve agreed to brand their new venture as the west coast Benediction. Members here will have access to that facility at no additional cost.”

Adrian nodded. Plenty of their members spent a considerable amount of time in Las Vegas.

Cole continued. “Of course, in order to essentially endorse that club, I’ll need someone to oversee it for me and ensure that it lives up to the standards that our members expect. That’s where you come in.”

His stomach dropped. “Sir?”

“I’m sending you to Las Vegas to manage the west coast Benediction and train them on how to operate a sex club.” Cole’s eyes softened. “You’ve been hiding here for ten years. And you’re not the only one. It’s time for you both to start living again.”

Adrian hung his head and blew out a breath. Benediction had been his home. His solace. His penance. He had a life here. Friends. Gracie. And Cole wanted to take it away? A long, winding cord wrapped around his chest and squeezed tight. “If you’re sure there’s no one else—”

“You know this club better than almost anyone. I’d do it myself, but I don’t want to leave my family.” Cole leaned forward in his chair. “I have faith in you. And it’s only for six months. A year tops. Then, if you choose, you can return here.”

Cole was right. He had a real family to go home to every night. Not like Adrian. Memories of a beautiful girl with a mass of dark curls and a smiling boy with eyes the color of the ocean slammed into him. The pain was still acute even after all these years. If he left his sanctuary, he wasn’t certain he could keep them at bay. But what choice did he have? Cole was his employer.

Something niggled at the edge of his mind. He lifted his head. “You said it was time for us both to start living again.”

Cole’s eyes bore into his. “Yes. I’m not sending you alone. Gracie is going too. As your partner and if you both accept…as your slave. I’d like for you to become her full-time Master.” He shifted uncomfortably. “But before you say anything, there are things about Gracie you need to know.”

4 thoughts on “4- Sound of Silence

  1. Being a person of ferocious appetites I am finding these little nibbles frustrating and completely unsatisfying. *sigh* I must learn patience. 😀

    That being said, I LOVE this song as done by Disturbed! I reaches my soul deeper even than the original done by Simon and Garfunkel. Thank you.


  2. I love it. Hope it later becomes a book so I read it over and over again. I hate that it’s so short, I guess that why I hate serials. But man do I like this one. Can’t wait for Tuesdays and Thursdays now.


  3. I wish I could write faster! I like instant gratification, so serials are difficult for me too. But I love having the ability to interact with everyone about it. I usually plot everything out but for this, I’m writing by the seat of my pants. And the music is my favorite part. I love this version of Sound of Silence too and its made me sit back and think about what it means.


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