3- My Obsession

For your listening pleasure:

Gracie couldn’t catch her breath. That always seemed to happen whenever she shared the same airspace as Roman. He didn’t even need to squeeze those fingers around her neck for the oxygen to stop flowing. It was as if she breathed something else when she was with him. Something liquid and hot that made her feel like she would float to the ceiling if he didn’t tether her to the ground.

The climax he’d given her ebbed away like the tide, leaving her restless for more. She waited for him to move, to pound away at her with the driving force of a man possessed, but he held himself completely still. She squirmed and clenched her muscles hard on his dick to spur him into action. Nothing. Just…nothing. Why wasn’t he moving?

His forehead met hers. “I’m disappointed in you, Gracie. Master Cole may have forgiven you for fucking a trainee, but I haven’t. You broke the rules and because of that, you missed our weekly appointment.” His cock slipped out of her and he lowered her to the ground. “On your knees.”

Roman and Gracie

Punishment? Rules? Roman had never set any rules for her. Their weekly fuck was supposed to be anonymous. No rules. No expectations. No commitment. They’d never spoken about it. None of their friends had a clue that they had crossed the line from friendship to…this. Whatever the hell this was.

She fell to her knees, going immediately into position. Legs spread. Hands on her thighs. Head bowed. Breathing heavily, she waited for his next command.

“I can’t do it,” he said hoarsely, his voice barely discernible over the moans of ecstasy and erotic sounds of skin slapping against each other. “I can’t punish you the way…you have no idea…” With two fingers under her chin, he tipped up her head, even though she could barely see him in the darkened room. “This can’t happen anymore. I’m sorry.”

By the time she made it to her feet, he was closing the door behind him, leaving her alone in a room full of people who could never fill the emptiness inside her. Not like he did. She was back to being a shell of a human. One who breathed oxygen like everyone else did. Only it would never be enough for her.

Roman thought he couldn’t punish her? Didn’t he realize leaving her alone was the worst punishment he could’ve given her?

No one understood what it was like for her. Not even Roman. But when their bodies were joined, his hands on her, his cock inside her, she had a taste of what normal people experienced. She’d held hope that maybe someday, Roman would claim her as his own and become her Master, not just in her mind, but in reality.

Hope was a funny thing.

One minute you had it and next it was gone with the slamming of the door.

She would never belong to Roman.

He didn’t want her.

But there were others who did.

Now in the middle of the room, Gracie reached out for the naked, writhing bodies in the darkness. Lips descended down her belly and pulled her to the floor where a man was waiting. She lowered herself onto his cock, becoming one with the shadow beneath her. Another pushed her forward and worked his way into her ass with a loud groan that made her insides clench in triumph. In a frenzy, others joined, until they became a group of animals, their humanity lost in the pursuit of ultimate gratification.

She was full. Full of life. Full of sex. Full of pleasure. Climax after climax tore her apart, until tears rolled down her cheeks.

But it wasn’t enough. Unless it was Roman, it was never enough. More. She needed more. More cocks. More mouths. More hands. Just more.

More. More. More.

Maybe they didn’t want Gracie Lee, but the shadows in the dark wanted her body. And for tonight, that would have to be enough.

Because for a nymphomaniac like Gracie…

She didn’t have any other choice.

So readers, what do you think so far? Are you ready for Adrian? Stay tuned for Thursday!

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