1- Disturbia

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Coming from behind, large hands slid down Gracie Lee’s body, the pressure of them on her naked skin telling her they belonged to a man.

Not that she cared. In the dark, hands were all the same. As were fingers, and lips, and teeth, and tongues. The only thing that differed was what they had between their legs. Pussies, cunts, vaginas, dicks, cocks, penises…Gracie loved them all. Loved using her mouth and hands on them. Loved rubbing against them. Taking them inside of her. Loved putting her fingers inside them.

There were endless combinations during an orgy like this one. Master Cole, although no longer her official Master, allowed her to visit the Freeway once a week so long as she was a good girl and followed the long list of rules. As hard as she tried, she wasn’t always successful. Sometimes the urges got the best of her and she couldn’t resist. A couple of weeks ago, she’d fucked a new training submissive, a girl with glorious inches of smooth ebony skin, hypnotic oval eyes, and the highest fucking cheekbones she’d ever seen. Gracie knew she was in trouble the minute Colleen had walked into the training room wearing nothing but a smile and a medium-sized butt plug, bringing along the scent of cookies ‘n cream with her.

Gracie could never say no to cookies ‘n cream.

And this time was no exception.

By that night, Gracie had snuck into the Colleen’s bedroom and seduced her with a warm “welcome to Benediction” snack between the trainee’s pussy. But once hadn’t been enough. She’d already broken one rule, might as well keep them cumming. All night long, she’d gorged herself, until Colleen had finally screamed for mercy just around receiving the seventh orgasm.

Some people had no stamina.

Gracie wasn’t one of them.

Anyway, Master Cole caught her leaving Colleen’s room in the early morning hours. One smell of her breath and he knew she’d broken Rule #8 (No fucking the trainees). So, she’d lost her right to go to the Freeway that week.

Two weeks without an orgy was like going months without chocolate to a normal person. Gracie literally had been shaking since yesterday.

Withdrawals sucked.

But those days were all behind her and replaced by some faceless guy. Faceless because in the Freeway, the orgy took place in the dark. Well, not completely dark, but dim enough you couldn’t make out who was who. The room was small, probably eight by ten feet, so you couldn’t help but bump into a body, or two, or eight. Definitely not more than eight because the Monitor at the door kept track. There were some nights the waiting list was so long some never got the chance, but since Gracie lived at Benediction and co-ran the slave training program with Adrian, she got a pass to the head of the line.

The hands wrapped around her thighs, spreading her. He pushed her to her knees and wouldn’t you know it, someone was waiting for her there with a tongue. Soft hair tickled the inside of her thighs and the tongue wasted no time poking around uselessly inside her vagina but instead, went straight to her clit and licked as if a timer was about to go off. Definitely a woman.

The man behind Gracie shoved her head to the floor, making her ass stick straight up in the air. Delicious anticipation swept through her. Would he use her pussy or her ass? She shivered as a body appeared out of the darkness lift her head just enough to kiss at her mouth. Soft lips. Tentative lips. Female lips. Familiar lips. Oh yes. It was Jessica. The girl could do things with her tongue that was illegal in all fifty states. Too bad she wasn’t in the position to deliver.

But the night was young.

Cold gel was squirted between her cheeks. He gave her no time to prepare before shoving his extremely thick cock up her ass. She didn’t mind. The more painful, the harsher his treatment, the harder she’d come apart. Yeah, she knew she was a freak, but here at Benediction, she was just one of many. She could get what she needed without ending up in the hospital. Here, there were rules and safe words. Not that she’d ever used a safe word. When pain registered as intense pleasure, you had a tendency of forgetting that knives shouldn’t dig that deep.

The girl between her thighs pushed at least three fingers inside Gracie’s sopping pussy and fucked her with them while continuing to suck and lick her clit. Jessica pulled away and positioned herself so that her cunt was right under Gracie’s mouth.

Smart girl.

If they gave an award for eating pussy, Gracie would win the gold.

She went to town on Jessica as mystery man hammered into her ass with ruthless intensity setting off the high that Gracie craved every second of every minute of every day of every year since her accident. The feeling of being weightless, as if she was on a surfboard, riding a wave toward shore and nothing would drag her down. Only then would the achy neediness in her head and her pussy temporarily quiet. No one but her could truly understood what it was like to constantly struggle with her own fucked-up brain. They thought they could—the doctors, the psychiatrists, the psychologists, her parents, even Master Cole—but they couldn’t. Here she was surrounded by all these bodies…and Gracie was still all alone.

Her mind went blank and then there was only pleasure shooting through her veins. She fell off the surfboard and went tumbling under the water, no longer riding the wave but becoming it. She contracted around the fingers and the cock, and screamed out her climax into Jessica pussy, setting off the chain of orgasms. Warm, salty fluid drenched her mouth and the man behind her jerked and groaned. For a short minute, all of them collapsed onto one another in a giant heap. Then much too soon, they separated, and she was alone once more, the achy neediness returning as it always did. One fuck, one orgasm, wasn’t enough to satisfy her.

She moved to find the next warm body when she was suddenly yanked backward by her hair. The sting of it brought tears to her eyes as did the recognition of who the stern hand belonged to. Her heart slammed against her breastbone. He had come for her.


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    1. I’m not usually a fan of serial either (which makes no sense because I grew up watching every soap opera on tv) but I couldn’t wait any longer to tell Gracie’s story. Plus, I get to experiment with different media which is a lot of fun! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!

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