4- Sound of Silence

“You wanted to see me, Master Cole?” Adrian Durand asked as he opened the door of his employer’s office.

For several years, Adrian had faithfully served as Cole’s bodyguard and right hand man at Benediction. There had never been anything sexual between them, but Adrian had submitted to him as a full-time slave all the same. Now that Cole had married Danielle and had a child, he no longer dominated anyone but his wife, leaving Adrian without a permanent Master. Once or twice a week, he submitted to a lovely Domme who beat and humiliated him to climax, but that’s as far as it went.

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3- My Obsession

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Gracie couldn’t catch her breath. That always seemed to happen whenever she shared the same airspace as Roman. He didn’t even need to squeeze those fingers around her neck for the oxygen to stop flowing. It was as if she breathed something else when she was with him. Something liquid and hot that made her feel like she would float to the ceiling if he didn’t tether her to the ground.

The climax he’d given her ebbed away like the tide, leaving her restless for more. She waited for him to move, to pound away at her with the driving force of a man possessed, but he held himself completely still. She squirmed and clenched her muscles hard on his dick to spur him into action. Nothing. Just…nothing. Why wasn’t he moving?

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2- Emperor’s New Clothes

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Even when Gracie Lee’s naked body smacked into his, Roman continued to pull on her hair, using it to lift her onto her toes. She was so petite. At least a foot smaller than him. She couldn’t weigh more than a hundred pounds soaking wet. What kind of man would use his strength against someone as fragile as Gracie? What kind of man would get off on her pain?

A sadist, that’s what.

For Roman, it wasn’t a question of if he would hurt this woman…it was just a question of when. Given the opportunity, he would destroy her, inside and out. The urge to wrap his hands around her windpipe and squeeze as he literally fucked the life out of her made his cock harden to the point of pain. Here at Benediction, sadism was accepted, but what he wanted to do to her surpassed even the darkest of desires.

No one knew just how far his taste ran. Even here, where Doms like his friend Jaxon whipped their subs and drew blood, Roman had to keep his urges a secret. He didn’t want Gracie’s consent. He wanted to chain her to his bed and use her over and over as his fuck toy. Make her beg for mercy as he branded his name on her skin. Torture her for his amusement. Humiliate her, so that when he finally did praise her, she’d look at him as though he hung the moon.

Yeah, he was one sick fuck.

He palmed her tiny breast in his hand and flicked her nipple a couple of times when all he really wanted to do was stick a needle through it. He’d pierce her with a giant hoop, one that he could run a chain through. He’d have her crawl on her hands and knees as he led her through his home by the chain, tugging and yanking on it as hard as he wanted, no one to tell him to stop. Not even her. No, in his fantasies, there was no safe word. No negotiations. No consent. Just a ruthless Master and his helpless little slave.

Despite his fantasies, Roman would never, ever act on his urges. What he wanted wasn’t BDSM. It was immoral. Depraved. Illegal. He’d always been a sadist, but until Gracie, he’d kept them in check. Now, he spent hours planning the ways he could make her cry and scream and beg and come.

She’d become his obsession.

And the only way to vanquish it was to face it head on.


This…this was the only way to have her. In the dark, surrounded by others, with rules and safe words.

Once a week.

Here in the Freeway he could fuck her out of his system.

Only she hadn’t been here last week. Rumor had it she’d fucked a trainee and had broken one of Master Cole’s rules. Well, she’d unknowingly broken one of Roman’s rules when she’d failed to show up for their weekly fuck.

He spun her around and slammed her against the wall, pinning her with a forearm to her swan-like neck. No one else got to have her. She belonged to him, even if she didn’t know it. Would never know it. She was his fucking his. With her back to the wall, no one else got to take her ass or mouth. Her pleasure belonged to him and him alone. Even in the dark, those around them knew to give them wide berth. He was an animal about to devour his prey, and he’d tear apart anyone who got in his way.

Gracie panted and trembled underneath him. Her fear and arousal were a heady aphrodisiac. Not that he needed one around her.

He picked her off the ground and aligned their parts. He didn’t cushion the back of her head as he pushed his swollen cock inside her pussy. It rippled and shuddered around him as Gracie succumbed to the first climax. She was so wet, so snug, so, so perfect.

But she had broken a rule.

And now…

It was time for her to learn her lesson.

1- Disturbia

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Coming from behind, large hands slid down Gracie Lee’s body, the pressure of them on her naked skin telling her they belonged to a man.

Not that she cared. In the dark, hands were all the same. As were fingers, and lips, and teeth, and tongues. The only thing that differed was what they had between their legs. Pussies, cunts, vaginas, dicks, cocks, penises…Gracie loved them all. Loved using her mouth and hands on them. Loved rubbing against them. Taking them inside of her. Loved putting her fingers inside them. Continue reading 1- Disturbia